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Our dress code policy applies to all adults, children, and guests. Members are responsible for the attire of their children and their guests, and members should inform their guests of the dress code requirements prior to the arrival at the Club. The management staff has been authorized by the Board of Directors to notify members or their guests when their attire is not deemed consistent with our dress code policy.

Proper attire on our Golf Course, practice range, and putting green is expected.

Attire on the golf course for men, women and children is expected to conform to a style generally accepted as appropriate for the golf course. This includes golf shirts, sweaters, golf-style pullovers, mock turtlenecks, jackets, slacks and golf shorts which are similar in style to walking and/or Bermuda shorts of an appropriate and tasteful length. Metal golf spikes are not allowed. Shirts are encouraged to be tucked in and hats are to be worn with bills facing forward. 
When golfing, ladies attire must conform with current fashion and LPGA standards.

Inappropriate clothing not permitted on the golf course, practice range, and putting green include: denim, cut-off shorts, cargo shorts, athletic or work-out wear, gym shorts, short shorts, short skirts, T-shirts, swimming attire and tank tops. Shorts should be of mid-thigh length or longer.

PACE OF PLAY POLICYCress Creek prides itself on a four hour round of golf. If players fail to keep their place on the course and lose in distance one clear hole on those in front, it is recommended that they permit following players to play through. Four hours or less is our goal and allows the maximum time for full enjoyment by all.

1215 Royal Saint George Drive
Naperville, IL 60563