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Membership Opportunities: At Cress Creek Country Club, our purpose is to operate as a private club, providing recreational and social benefits to our esteemed members. Each membership classification delineates the unique opportunities, privileges, rights, and limitations within its category. Eligibility for membership is extended to any individual aged 21 or older.

We have three membership options available:

  1. Golf Memberships
  2. Social/Swim/Tennis Memberships (SST)
  3. Dining Memberships

For detailed information regarding memberships, kindly reach out to Kelly Soto at

Frequently Asked Questions: What are the members like?Our members reflect the essence of the club. Many have families that appreciate outdoor activities and social events at the facility. All candidates must meet the Club’s exclusive standards through approval by the Board of Directors. Most members are influential leaders in the community, demonstrating genuine interest in the Club's betterment, creditworthiness, financial stability, and congeniality. Do I need to live in the Cress Creek Neighborhood to be a member? No. Membership is open to residents of Naperville and surrounding areas. Any individual aged twenty-one or older can be invited to join the club. How long does the approval process take? The decision-making process involves the evaluation of applications by the Board of Directors, typically taking 4 - 6 weeks for a comprehensive review.